Self-Service Data Exploration with Apache Drill 1.0 Now Generally Available

MapR Technologies, distributor of Apache Hadoop, announces the general availability of Apache Drill 1.0 in the MapR Distribution.

Lucidworks Advances Its Fusion with Apache Spark

Apache Spark’s, integration with Fusion enablesreal-time analytics within the enterprise search platform.

B-Scada's Status Enterprise Software Delivers Real-Time Data Visualization Solutions

B-scada constructs data visualization solutions for manufacturing, power and utilities and automation businesses using HMI/SCADA software.

Verint Revamps Speech Analytics Platform to Deliver Better Insights

Verint, provider of Action Intelligence Solutions, introduces Speech Analytics platform to provide more intelligent, faster, and accurate way to analyze customer calls.

TIBCO announces its Latest Jaspersoft with Mobile and Cloud Support

TIBCO, a business intelligence solutions provider, announces its latest TIBCO Jaspersoft 6.1 that addresses many challenges faced in embedding BI into mobile and SaaS applications....

Teradata Launches Rainstor 7 for Data Archiving

RainStor is an online enterprise-class data archive solution, which radically reduces the footprint and costs of archiving, provides immutable data storage, and helps meet regulatory, and...

Aptitude Software Joins IBM to Deliver New Big Data Technology

Different kinds of industries ranging from telecommunications to financial services, strive to achieve better financial insights, but are often restricted by the massive volume and complexity of...

Datameer Update Offers Instant Visualization of Data Analytics

Datameer, a provider of Big Data Analytics solution for Hadoop that empowers business users to directly integrate, analyze, and visualize any data.

IBM Steals The Show at GPU Technology Conference

The GPU Technology Conference, hosted by Chip maker Nvidia in San Jose will have enterprise technology firm IBM showing off the ‘GPU-accelerated machine’ for data clustering.

SAS Security Intelligence to Combat with Fraud and Financial Crimes

"SAS is proud to be building on its existing operations in Scotland.