TIBCO announces its Latest Jaspersoft with Mobile and Cloud Support

PALO ALTO, CA: TIBCO, a business intelligence solutions provider, announces its latest TIBCO Jaspersoft 6.1 that addresses many challenges faced in embedding BI into mobile and SaaS applications.

Jaspersoft is a business intelligence solution that offers reporting and analytics for businesses. It assists in better decision making by brining timely and actionable data inside apps and business process through an embeddable, cost-effective reporting and analytics platform.

Jaspersoft 6.1 offers improvements to embeddable BI platform, including enhanced designer for interactive dashboards, along with integration of TIBCO GeoAnalytics product’s capabilities for advanced mapping inside Jaspersoft reports.

The additional enhancements include improved multi-tenant support that simplifies complexity and administration of SaaS and cloud-based applications. New mobile app JasperMobile supports iOS and Android versions provide interactive reports and dashboards

"Developers want a BI platform that can quickly reach more people, including mobile users, even when the reports or dashboards are embedded inside another application. Most applications are delivered as a SaaS service in the cloud, forcing developers to integrate BI into their multi-tenant environment," said Karl van den Bergh, VP, product and cloud, TIBCO Analytics. "With Jaspersoft 6.1 and the improved TIBCO JasperMobile™ and multi-tenant offering, developers have a modern embeddable BI platform that fits with their SaaS architecture while extending the value of their application with embedded mobile BI."