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Each year, HighRoads surveys companies about their current processes and future plans for compliance communications. In 2013, HighRoads invited mid- to large-sized organizations throughout the United States to share information about their compliance and governance operations; their approach to pr..

The world has changed:We now live in the digital age. Everything is made up of bytes and pixels. Billions of devices, sensors, and apps create a constant flow of data. All things digital are now connected by the internet of things. People now use devices with hundreds of apps utilizing all of t..

The decision to invest in and leverage the widespread “Big Data1” revolution, whether you’re a large multinational corporation or the smallest sole-proprietorship, is no longer an option as data growth has outstripped the ability for people and 20th Century technology to make ..

The Power Exchange Informatica Connector for Google Analytics is designed to integrate Google Analytics sources within Informatica PowerCenter installations. With the capabilities provided by the connector, user can extract data from Google Analytics through Informatica PowerCenter platform. It al..

In a comprehensive six month study conducted in 2012, Mattersight Corporation (“Mattersight”) commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying its Behavioral Analytics platform. The Beha..

Four undeniable trends shape the way we think about data – big or small. While managing big data is ripe with challenges, it continues to represent more than $15 trillion in untapped value. New analytics and next-generation platforms hold the key to unlocking that value. Understanding these four..